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So, since we talked last I haven’t done much.  Haha!  But I have every intention to purchase my domain name and start on my website this evening.  Also I plan on making a Facebook page to jump into the social networking world.

And this post kind of goes along with it.  Social networking is a great way to find new and old friends as well as potential clients.  I’m pretty sure that I check my Facebook every twenty minutes.  It’s disgusting.  That’s why we call it Crackbook.  But none the less it’s an amazing tool we have access to.

A friend of mine introduced me to a site called Pinterest on Sunday and I’ve been poking around for the last few days.  It’s AMAZING.  I’m totally obsessed with this site.  My friend described it as “tumblr meets twitter”.  The concept is to create virtual inspiration boards for anything you can think of.  If you are on a website and see a really great kitchen you can “pin” it to your “kitchen” board.  You can also follow other Pinterest users, so when they make new pins you will see them.  You can tag other users in you pins as well, and repin images from other boards to your own. There is such a great sense of community there.  With in one day I already had other users repining my images!  Pinterest is in it’s beta stages so please be patient with issues, it’s got great potential!

This is an amazing tool for weddings!  you can put all of your ideas, thoughts, and inspirations on one page to help you find an overall vision.  Also, ya know, it works great for redecorating your kitchen.

So sign up!  Follow me @ kelseyj28