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I’ll admit, working out is not my favorite thing to do.  I hate being sweaty and out of breath, but it’s a necessary evil of life to stay healthy.  So I’d like to share with you a work out method that I actually really enjoy, and leaves me feeling strong and empowered at the end of it.


A co-worker of mine introduced me to Pure Barre last year and I was hooked!  It’s a Ballet/Pilates inspired work out concentrating on your thighs, seat, arms and abs.  They do an amazing job targeting all the areas that women consider their “trouble zones”.  The work out is no cake walk either, I’m literally shaking the whole time!  Their goal is to work your muscles to fatigue using small controlled movements, and then stretch them out to give you a long lean “dancer” look.  While the workout is sans cardio, I find myself burning fat and sweating profusely, despite the fact all I did was raise and lower my foot a few inches.  You don’t need dance experience to do any of the moves, but being able to move to a beat will help you immensely.  The work outs are set to pumping music to help push yourself to your breaking point.  Rhianna’sOnly Girl in the World” still sets my hips tucking involuntarily.


The one con, it’s expensive.  But good news Brides!  They have a special package just for you!  For 3 months of unlimited classes you pay $375 (that’s $300 in savings), a great investment to look amazing on your big day!  (Not all locations may participate, so give them a call to find out!)  If you’re strapped for cash, maybe check out their DVD’s?  They are pretty much the same as the class, but I would recommend attending at least one class at a Pure Barre location before starting up the DVD’s.  It will help with positioning and proper technique so you can get the most from your work out!  But, honestly, nothing beat the atmosphere of actually attending classes.

Like I said, this is my favorite work out method!  If you don’t have a Pure Barre near you there are several other companies that offer a very similar work out.  Check out The Bar Method or Barre 3 as well!